Board Members

Executive Board Members

Kathy Perreault : President

Kathy Perreault


Member since 2011. "I was excited to join the Optimists when I learned about the activities the club does for the children of the community. I enjoy working with the members and being involved in the track meets, fishing derbys and scholarship distributions."

Joyce Mullins : 1st Vice President

Joyce Mullins

1st Vice President

Member since 2003. "I joined the Optimists because kids are my passion and I like to do things with and for them to help them be happy and succeed in life."

John Richards : Immediate Past President

John Richards

Immediate Past President

Member since 2014. "I joined the Optimists because it is a great opportunity to get kids involved in the club sponsored activities that challenge their growth and education.  My joining was for the Kids!!"

Matt Maiorano : Treasurer

Matt Maiorano


Member since 2004. "I joined the Optimists to give back to my community. My wife & I support the development of the children of the community."

Barbara Yarbrough : Secretary

Barbara Yarbrough


Member since 2009. "I joined the Optimists because I like to help the kids and I enjoy the club camaraderie."

 Board Members 2017 – 2019

Bob Wade : Director

Bob Wade


Member since 1973. "I joined the Optimists for the purpose of helping in some small way the kids of the community improve their chances of success in life as they grow up and become leaders in the community."

Jim Klee : Director

Jim Klee


Member since 1997. "I joined the Optimists to help the youth of the community."

Lee Almy : Director

Lee Almy


Member since 2016.

Board Members 2018 – 2020

Gary Beard : Director

Gary Beard


Member since 2010. "I joined the Optimists to support youth of the community."

Roger Dunn : Director

Roger Dunn


Member since 1981. "I joined the Optimists because a former member brought his two sons to hunt dove on my property without permission. I went to run them off and ended up joining the Club!"

Jim Yarbrough : Director

Jim Yarbrough


Member since 2009. "I joined the Optimists because of what the Optimist Creed means to me! And the members not only talk the talk but walk the walk in 'Bringing Out the Best in Kids'."